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Empty Apartments

Hearts to Homes, and generous donors like you, realize that many foster children “age out” of care without financial support to buy what many of might consider to be necessities. Join us today in filling an urgent need!

Without Us, Youth Are Likely to Falter

Over 700 young adults in New York City and Westchester County age out of foster care each year. For a young adult, aging out of foster care can be an expensive and, at times, overwhelming experience. Many leave foster care with few possessions and no family to help them make this transition.
1 %

will end up homeless

1 %

will be involved in the justice system

1 %

will lose their own children to foster care

Providing Independence, Pride, Possibilities

We provide foster youth with a choice of over 80 essential, new home furnishings, cleaning supplies and furniture for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

The critical items on our Wish List  allow these young adults to:

Having an Impact

Through a Hearts to Homes virtual housewarming, these statistics change as you help to instill feelings of pride and confidence in these young adults.

Cold and Empty
A Cozy Living Room

Donors Determine our Growth

Donors like you have helped us to support more youth.

“To so easily be able to impact the life of a young adult, to hear the success rate of the Hearts to Homes recipients, and to know that 100% of my donation will absolutely make a difference in this volunteer driven organization, makes it a win-win for me!”

— Hearts to Homes Donor 

Donate — Support Youth Today

Meet Our Foster Youth

Hearts to Homes Youth must be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Resident of NYC or Westchester County
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be referred by one of our partner agencies
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  • Approximately one-third of foster youth referred to us are young mothers.
  • Only 7% are enrolled in college.
  • 38% are employed full-time or part-time.
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  • 10% have a college degree.
  • 37% are enrolled in college.
  • 64% are employed full or part-time.
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  • 10% have a college degree.
  • 37% are enrolled in college.
  • 64% are employed full or part-time.

Before the delivery, my apartment was lonely and depressing.  Now it feels like a home, and I am proud to be able to invite some friends over.”

— Hearts to Homes Young Adult

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