Expansions & Initiatives

Envisioning our Future

Our wish is that no young adult, aging out of foster care and in need of assistance, is ever turned away. Social media campaigns, while successful in providing necessary furnishings, generate growth at a pace that inevitably leaves some youth without support. 

Hearts to Homes looks to grantors and sponsors to commit to furnishing entire apartments, allowing us to assist more young adults in need. Growth is only possible with the help of generous donors like you.

“I was very touched and moved by the impact Hearts to Homes has on young people’s lives as they step out into the world on their own. Providing these young adults with the basic necessities .that allow them to call a place home has the potential to impact their lives forever.”

— Hearts to Homes Donor 

Expanding our Reach through Sponsorships

Grant-making organizations and generous individuals can make a significant impact by:

  • Pledging today to furnish one or more entire apartments. (Typically $2,000 – $2,600)

  • Sponsoring our expansion to a new foster care agency. (Typically $10,000-20,000)

  •  Helping us expand our coverage to a new geographic area with a new or existing partner agency.   (Typically $20,000-$30,000)

Let us help you identify which agencies or geographic expansions would be appropriate to your budget.

Enhancing Your Support through Alliances

We augment your support by connecting our youth to complementary services provided by organizations with whom we have formed alliances. We are constantly seeking out these efficiencies in our services.


Parenting youth may receive support for their children from:
Skills and Workshops are made possible by:
Furniture needs, not included on our Wish List, may be provided by:

Preferred Vendors

Hearts to Homes appreciates the discounts provided by these preferred vendors, allowing us to maximize the number of young adults we can support with limited funding.  They help us make your donations go even further.

Thank you to Our Sponsors